I am beautiful, I am magic, I am love

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Meet our founder

Hello, and thank you for your interest in Liebe Skincare and meeting the brain and soul behind the brand. I’m Dajana, a single mom in my forties, living with my teenage son Jaden and our rescue dog Petey in Malibu.

I created Liebe (which is the German word for “Love”) after losing enthusiasm for the beauty aisle and its overwhelming selection of chemical-loaded skincare options. I wanted an all-natural skincare line that works, and because I had trouble finding one – I decided to create it myself.

The Story

I’m quite familiar with the struggle of living with sensitive, problematic skin since I’ve been dealing with dryness and eczema ever since I was a little girl. My myriad of skin issues made me very picky about what touches my skin and sparked my interest in ingredients and how they work. After trying out several organic and natural facial oils (and I know many of you ladies can relate), I could barely notice a difference in my skin. 

Then came the part where I conducted private-investigator-level research, and I discovered that most skincare oils on the market contain only one or two ingredients that are truly beneficial for the skin (and often in smaller quantities than fragrance and other irritants). I wanted an oil that has nothing but beneficial ingredients, so I developed the one and only “Goddess Glow,” initially only for personal use. 

Fortunately, I have some wonderful and brave friends who volunteered to try it out as well – and, surprise! They all loved it and came back with enthusiastic feedback regarding the noticeable difference after several weeks. Then, my amazing esthetician friend Jodi told me about a plant-based retinol called Bakuchiol, which seemed very promising. After learning about its benefits and finding a way to get my hands on it, I developed the “Golden Glow,” an anti-aging night-time facial oil. The feedback was also incredibly positive, so I thought it would be a shame not to share these gems with more women. That’s how Liebe Skincare officially came to life (after getting all the authorizations and tedious paperwork done, of course).

My love for nature and confidence in its healing powers go hand-in-hand with my care for the inner self – and I encourage you to do the same. The skin is an outlet for the soul and a reflection of what is going on inside. Integrate meditation and positive affirmations in your skincare routine, practice self-love regularly, and you’ll see how the magic happens. 

Remember “You are loved” 🖤


Dajana Mitchell